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Company Secretarial Software Solution

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What is Csmart?

Csmart is a company secretarial software solution, designed to ease the workload of busy company secretaries, chartered accountants and cost accountants (Company Professionals) managing companies on behalf of their clients and engaged in Company Law related activities. Csmart is fully compliant as per the Companies Act, 2013.

It has been designed by a Practicing Company Secretary with over 35 years of experience in the field.

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Practicing Company Secretary

Csmart has been developed by 2 software engineers who were working in the MCA21 project in TCS and have over 10 years of experience.

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Ashwini Sethuraman
Technical Architect

Sethuraman R
Technical Architect

To understand Csmart, its best if we understand the issues faced by a Company Professional’s office first.

Issues faced by a Company Professional’s office

  • No Document Management System

Company Documents maintained by Company Professionals are often not organised and tend to be easily lost. In an office with many people working, documents are placed in different folders and lots of time is spent in searching and retrieving these documents.

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  • Repetitive drafting of similar documents

Fill up Eforms or drafting documents such as Minutes, Notices, Letters, various EForm attachments needs to done time and again. The task is very repetitive and mundane, hence is time consuming and error prone.

  • Maintaining statutory registers

Registers such as Member’s Register (Form MGT-1), Director Register, Charge Register (Form CHG-7), etc. need to be painstakingly maintained for every Company; which again is error prone and repetitive.

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Issues faced by a Company Professional’s office

Company Information Retrieval

For questions such as:

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  • When was the capital changed?
  • Is the annual filing done?
  • When did this director resign?
  • When was the share transfer effectuated?
  • How many shares does this shareholder hold?
  • What is the SRN of this form that was filed?

One has to dig through files and folder either in physical cabinets or in a computer’s hard drive. In a better maintained office most often an excel sheet is maintained with all kinds of information, hopefully the excel sheet is maintained and updated on a regular basis.

How does Csmart Help?

  • Csmart is a Document Management System

Csmart stores documents neatly into company specific folders. Csmart manages the folders and the user only interacts with the Csmart UI to access files. Hence searching and retrieving any document is made easy. All computers in the office are networked to read and write to a shared folder and database ensuring that everyone works with the same copy of the document.

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Csmart Logo
  • Csmart generates documents

Csmart ships with a vast set of ‘templatised’ documents. These documents are retrofitted with data specific to Companies and certain user input to generate documents easily. Some of these templates can also be customised by the user. This removes the repetitive nature of drafting these documents, and at the same time guarantees its correctness. Fields in an Eform for which prior data exists in Csmart is populated automatically eliminating the need to repetitively fill up the same fields time and again.

  • Csmart maintains Statutory Registers

Registers have to be updated as and when an event happens such as a Share Transfer or Allotment. If the user performs the event in Csmart, then the registers are automatically updated. This means that there is no work that a user has to additionally do to maintain a Company’s registers. Registers are generated as digitally signed PDF documents. As per Companies Act, 2013 Section 120, all registers can be held in the digital manner alone, thus simplifying maintenance of registers.

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How does Csmart Help?

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With Csmart, information is at your fingertips. All those questions for which you had dig through files and folders is now shown to you with a click of your mouse.

Csmart maintains and builds an extended Master Data, from the information it collects when you file forms or interact with Csmart such as transferring a share certificate.

So how does it work?

Take for example, when you incorporate a company, you file a Form INC-1, Form INC-7, Form INC-22 and Form DIR-12 (Companies Act, 2013). Csmart captures data from all these forms as and when they are filed. It captures capital and promoter information from Form 1NC-7, address from Form INC-22 and the Director information from Form DIR-12. It stores this information in its database.

It also generates all the attachments needed to file the incorporation forms.

From this point on, where ever you need this information, such as filling up other E-Forms, or any document that Csmart generates, this information will be automatically filled up for you.

So when you file a Form PAS-3 (Return of Allotment), once you tell Csmart who your list of allottees are, Csmart will fill up the form, generate Minutes and Notices, Share Certificates, Form MGT-1 (Member Register), the Director Register and even generates your list of allottees form attachment for you.

Things that takes hours takes minutes with Csmart!

Csmart and Companies Act, 2013

Csmart is fully compliant as per the Companies Act 2013. We have completed all the statutory registers and forms to be as per the latest act.

Csmart Features


  • File all MCA 21 forms. Retrieve them later. Never loose a form filed or document.
  • Fill up forms automatically, with available data in Csmart’s database regarding the Company.
  • Always work with the latest form, as Csmart downloads the latest form from MCA-21, always.
  • Generate all Form Attachments like Affidavits, Consent Letters, Board Report, Auditor’s reports, Annual Return, Minutes, Notice, Copy of Resolutions, etc.

Share Transactions

  • Transfer, Split, Transmit, Reissue, Consolidate, Subdivide shares with a few clicks of the mouse.
  • All shareholding registers registers are automatically updated.
  • Digitally sign all registers as per the stipulations of the latest Companies Act, 2013.
  • Generate Transfer Deed.

Import existing Company Data

  • Import all your existing company data into Csmart.
  • Instead of manually entering all statutory registers in to the new format, import your company data into Csmart, and Csmart will generate all your registers as per the latest format. Do this soon, as all Companies have only 6 months to move all registers to the latest format.
  • All your statutory registers are generated by Csmart. You can digitally sign them and maintain them in the soft format.
Minutes and Resolutions

  • Generates Minutes, Not ice and Resolut ions automatically, based on ‘templatised’ resolutions.
  • Csmart ships with over 200 resolutions, that can be edited to your taste. You can add new ones and it to Csmart’s repository as well.
  • Easi ly access al l Minutes/Not ice/Resolut ions documents.

*The above is not an exhaustive list. Csmart does a lot lot more…

Share data with clients

With Csmart you can effortlessly share data with your clients over Dropbox. Your clients will be able open data regarding their companies in a web browser and access all the registers generated by Csmart on your desktop.

Please click the below link for more information
Csmart Connect (Share data with clients)

Csmart Data Security Policy

All your data is yours. We don’t see it. We don’t have access to it. Period.

Csmart is installed locally on your computer. Its a desktop software. Data resides on your system.

For an analogy, imagine it just like Microsoft Word. Word creates documents that reside on your system. Microsoft does not have access to your word documents. And just like Word updates itself, when Microsoft releases them, we also release updates to Csmart and Csmart will update itself automatically.

Csmart Installation

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Csmart Server (just another computer on your premises), is where all the data resides. Your computer connects to the server and access all the files and data.

Hence all users see and work with the same data.

Csmart Licensing Model

The Licensing Model is quite simple. Csmart is charged per user:

  • Single User License - Csmart is installed on a single computer and single user can use Csmart.
  • Additional User License - You can add as many additional users to a single user license as you like.
  • 10 User Pack - If you have 10 users or more, then you can save by taking a 10 user pack and then add additional licenses if you have more than 10 systems.

One Time Annual Renewal
Single User License Rs. 12, 500 Rs. 3, 500
1 Additional User License Rs. 1, 500 Rs. 600
10 User Pack Rs. 25, 000 Rs. 8, 000

The Annual renewal is for continuing to receive updates from us. You receive all updates for free for the first year, from the next year onwards, for continuing to receive updates we charge an Annual Renewal. Updates range from bug fixes, enhancements, Companies Act Changes, MCA21 form changes, etc.

Download Csmart

Try before you Buy

You can download Csmart for free and try it out yourself before deciding to buy. Please download Csmart by clicking on the below link.

Csmart - Download Trial

Please watch a few of our training videos in order to understand how Csmart works. This help page should help you get started.

Csmart - Getting Started - Help Page

If you have any queries, please call us or a raise a ticket here:

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