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Share Transactions

How long do you take to split and transfer a Share Certificate? Would you believe us if we say a couple of minutes? Well with Csmart it is possible!

All you need to do is select the share certificate to split. Enter the date of split and the number of shares in each split. Choose the Directors and Authorised Signatory to sign the Share Certificate. Click on Split Shares and your work is done.
Now you need to select the folio to transfer the certificate, fill up the details of the transfer and click on transfer. All the related documents such as original and new Share Certificates, Register of Members, Register of Split Shares, Split Letter, Transfer Register are generated automatically for you!

Share Transactions also allows you to do Duplicate Share Issue and Transmission of Shares just as easily.

Finally, once you are done with the all the share transactions, Csmart will generate a combined minutes for all the Share Transactions for you.

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