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Master Data

The master data screen in Csmart is a single source of information pertaining to a Company. There is no need to search any where else, Csmart's Master data has it all. All the information is grouped systematically under tabs. The data is displayed in tables such that the required information can be obtained easily.

It also allows you to open documents pertaining to the information that you are viewing, e.g. while viewing shareholder data it allows you to easily open the member register for the shareholder or any of the share certificates.

It has an easy to use print option that allows you to print the entire master data of the company or you can select portions of the master data you would like to print.

The following information can be obtained on Master data:
  • Basic details of the company such as name, CIN, date of incorporation along with the changes in name, CIN, address.
  • The current authorised and paid up capital of the Company along with all the changes done to it.
  • The details of present and past directors such as din, name, address, designtion date of appointment, date of cessation(if present) along with the Digital Certificate information.
  • Shareholders summary and shareholder details.
  • Charge details such as Charge Id, date of event, SRN, chargeholder details, short particulars of property charged, particulars of modification etc.
  • Financial details of the company for the past 10 years as entered in the filed Form 23 AC and Form 23 ACA.
  • Details of the registered resolution and agreements.
  • Details of the interested contracts
  • Details of minutes.

Minutes and Resolutions

Although form related minutes can be generated from the form panel, there are many other minutes that are not related to any form. These minutes can be easily generated from Minutes, Notices and Resolutions.

Csmart has provided more than 100 resolutions for you to choose from. These resolutions can easily be searched using Article no or some words in the resolution.

The resolutions provided by Csmart are in the form of templates. Meaning, you will only have to fill in the blanks. In the resolution template, there are some variables that you will have to fill up that is pertinent to that Company. Some variable data such as Company name will be automatically populated when you select the required Company. Other variable data will provide a drop down for you to choose from, such as the Director names. Any other data needs to be entered by the user onto a textbox. Once you are done, Csmart will replace the variables with data you entered and you will get a beautiful looking notice and minutes document generated for you. And whats more, the minutes generated along with the resolutions will appear under the Master Data screen and in the Compliance Certificate for Form 66!

Not seeing a resolution template? Csmart allows you to add/edit your own resolutions. With the help of our Resolution Editor you can easily add your own resolution template with all the variables to fill in the blanks later on.
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