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Csmart For Professionals

At Csmart, we have scientifically studied the working procedure adopted by many Company Secretaries and came up with a software solution to ease the workload of Professionals tremendously.
Here are some salient features of Csmart:
  • It has a simple and effective interface for forms and documents management.
  • When you start a new form filing, Csmart will automatically download the Eform from the MCA21 portal and unzip it for you.
  • Documents are generated based on what you fill in the EForm. Documents such as Consent Letters, Minutes and Resolutions, Registers, Certificates. For a full list go here - Document Matrix
  • Access all details about your company on a single screen - Master Data
  • A backup is taken from your system everyday. Breathe easy knowing that your data will be safe and secure.
  • Communicate with your client like never before. Your client sees what you see!

Csmart For Company Officials/Management

In the study that we conducted, we also found out that most of the times there is a big communication gap between the Company Officials and the Professional. There is no transparency as such, and this often results in mistrust.

Csmart tries to bridge the gap between a Company and its Professional. With Csmart everything that a Professional does, the Company's Management will know. Csmart provides a read-only installation for Company officials, which will download the data from the Professional every day.

All the EForms, documents, registers can be viewed without depending on the Professional. Also, Csmart displays alerts informing you of any matters requiring your attention. The Master Data feature provided to the Professional, is provided for Officials too!
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