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Import Existing Clientele Company Data

Import Company Data

At Csmart, we realise that all Company Professionals will have an existing clientele and to work with those Companies in Csmart, you will have to first import its data into Csmart.

Importing is an easy process and you can import as much or as little data as you want to quickly start working with that Company.

For most of the work in Csmart, we only need the capital and director details of the Company to get started. All you have to do is fill a form on a excel sheet with these details and import the Company!

We provide you the facility to import share holder data. The entire history of the shareholding pattern can be imported if required. You will need to import shareholder data only if you would like to use Csmart to transfer, split, reissue or transmit those shares. We highly encourage you to import this data, since it makes Csmart a one stop place for all your secretarial activities.

Optional Data to Import

We also provide you the functionality to import the below. These are optional and Csmart does not require them for you to work on your existing Companies. The functionalities have been provided in an effort to make Csmart house all the details about a Company.

  • Charge Details - All the previous charges along with their history of modifications and satisfactions can be imported into Csmart. This will allow you to generate Registers, Search Reports and see the charge history as a part of the master data of the Company.
  • Old Form Filings - All the previous forms filings can be brought into Csmart. This will allow you to not only browse through them easily, but when you generate a Compliance Certificate, these form filings will appear in it.
  • Documents - Using the Access Documents functionality in Csmart, all Documents pertaining to a Company such as Agreements, MoAs, AoAs, Contracts, Minutes and Resolutions, etc. can be brought into Csmart. You can provide notes and other metadata for each document which will allow to quickly locate a document any time.
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