In this section we have listed out the most frequently asked questions. Please have a look at this section first. Most likely your question would have already been answered. If not, please don't hesitate to call us.

Csmart is a secretarial software that is meant for all Company professionals, such as (Practicing) Company Secretary, Chartered Accountant or a Cost Accountant. Using Csmart all secretarial activities can be easily accomplished. To learn more about Csmart, please visit the Features page.

Csmart can be downloaded and installed from the Downloads page. To install all you have to do is double click the installer. Also you need to ensure that java is installed before you attempt to install Csmart. You can download java from here: Download Java

There are currently 2 licenses being offered:

  • Single User License - Install Csmart on one system alone. A single user can use Csmart.
  • Multi User License - Install Csmart on upto 10 users within the LAN. All users can access Csmart at the same time and view/edit the same data

Csmart is a software is actually very easy and intuitive to use. The help file for Csmart is located within Csmart itself and can be accessed as soon as you install csmart. Also, the web based help is available here: Reference to Csmart Help

We are constantly working to keep providing updates to Csmart. This not only covers new features and bug fixes but also to handle any form changes in MCA21. You will receive an update the minute a form changes. To access the update all you need to do is log off and then log back into the application. Be sure to click on 'Ok' when asked whether you would like to download updates.