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License Fee Details
Base License Fee Rs. 12,500
VAT/CST @ 5% Rs. 625
Total (Rounded Off) Rs. 13,125
* Annual License Renewal Amount (ALRA)
@Rs. 3,500 per user
Rs. 3,500
License Fee Details
Base License Fee Rs. 1,500
VAT/CST @ 5% Rs. 75
Total (Rounded Off) Rs. 1575
* Annual License Renewal Amount (ALRA)
@Rs. 600 per user
Rs. 600
License Fee Details
Base License Fee Rs. 25000
VAT/CST @ 5% Rs. 1250
Total (Rounded Off) Rs. 26250
* Annual License Renewal Amount (ALRA)
@Rs. 8000 for all 10 users
Rs. 8000

* All software updates for Csmart will be provided free of cost for the first year. To continue receiving updates after a year, you need to pay an Annual License Renewal Amount(ALRA).
The different License types in Csmart are explained below:
  • Single User License
    A single Company Secretary, Chartered Accountant, Cost Accountant should opt for this license. This license will allow you to install Csmart on one system only.
  • Additional User(s) for a Single User License
    This License will allow you to add additional users to an already purchased Single User License. You can also choose to purchase many Additional User Licenses and a Single User License together. Each Additional User License will allow you to install Csmart on one more PC.
  • 10 user License
    Instead of purchasing 9 Additional User Licenses and one Single User License it will be cheaper to buy one 10 user License.

All licenses are subject to an Annual License Renewal. This enables us to provide updates to Csmart. Please note that multiple user licenses such as Additional User Licenses and 10 User License will need to be installed on computers located within the same LAN.