Companies Act 2013

We are working night and day to update Csmart as per the new Companies Act 2013. The first subject we have taken up are the registers. As and when the forms are released on the 14th of April, we will start working on the forms.


So based on the new Rules, please have a look at the latest change to the registers. We are going to move to a HTML webpage register as opposed to an excel sheet. It looks more beautiful and at the same time, is a lot smaller in size.


Please have a look at the below link for a sample Member Register that I prepared today.


The good news is for all Csmart users, you dont have to do a thing to move all your existing records into the new format. As soon as we provide you an update, Csmart will automatically open all your registers in the new format!


The next question is, as per the Rule Chapter 7 – (The-Companies-Management-and-Administration-Rules) – Rule 27, all registers of a company having 1000 shareholders or more should maintain registers in the electronic mode. It does not state clearly whether, a company having less than 1000 shareholders have the privilege maintain registers in the electronic format as well. But we are updating Csmart assuming all Companies can. These registers, if maintained in the electronic format need to be digitally signed. Hence, in Csmart we are working on providing a facility wherein any pdf document can be digitally signed. Be it any statutory register or Minutes of a meeting.


More updates on this soon.