About us

Everything in the world starts as an idea!

It wasn't long ago when we had this conversation in our team:

KSR: MCA21 has made the life of a company professional really easy. You and Ashwini have worked in the MCA21 project in TCS. I wonder if you can make something that will make my life even easier.

Sethu: Like what?

KSR: MCA21 addresses only one side of the coin. There is whole other side which can be automated. MCA21 deals with the communication between the company and the ministry. How about the work we do in our office? There are Minutes and Resolution, Registers, and filling up the forms with the same data time and again.

Sethu: Interesting.. tell me more..

KSR: Take Form 32 for example. To appoint a director, the director needs to fill up a consent letter, a Form 24AA, we need to prepare a notice and minutes of a board meeting, finally fill up the form and update a register.

Sethu: All of that can be automated!

This was how Csmart was born. We started off building Form 32 and we have constructed an application now which handles more than 20 commonly used forms, with more forms on the way. We didn't stop with just forms, we built an entire infrastructure around these forms that takes it to a whole new level. Have a look at the Features section to know more.